Organ Meister

The first add-on, non-invasive combination action system on the market. Loved by organists, designed for organ builders, built to last. 

Launch date: April 1st 2021


An organist's wingman

Organ Meister gives organ players a new sense of overview, control and peace of mind. Prepare and play your registrations  at the organ or at home and play with confidence.

Leaving the organ intact

Organ Meister is an add-on, plug & play solution that requires no invasive modifications to the organ console.

Quick and easy installation

Plug & play – No special tools or know-how required.

Modular & Scalable

A budget-friendly combination action system for any organ. Virtually no limitations in number of stops. 

Frequently asked questions

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The only requirement for Organ Meister is that the organ has electronic stop action. Additionally, Organ Meister can be installed on organs with pneumatic or mechanical stop action by adding parallel wiring to the pneumatic / mechanical arrangement. Other than that, there are no requirements – Organ Meister deals with any voltage or situation by default thanks to its clever design.

Yes. The concept of Organ Meister ensures compatibility with any system that – under the hood – offers an electric stop action. Organ Meister is installed parallel to the existing system and then functions as an extra shell around the existing system. The organist can choose to use Organ Meister or not.

Since Organ Meister does not require invasive modifications to the console or the electrical arrangement of the organ, the time and means needed to install the systems are very limited. Other than savings during installation, we aim to make Organ Meister affordable for even smaller organs. Send us a message to get an accurate quotation for your situation.

Yes. While there are some requirements (such USB ports availability and screen resolutions), most devices suffice to run Organ Meister smoothly. 

Organ Meister ships preconfigured for your organ. Depending on the situation and assuming an electric stop action, Organ Meister can be installed in a few hours.  Plug it in, connect the stop terminals, and you ‘re done. The only real work the organ builder needs to perform is providing parallel wiring on the stop circuits. 

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Organ Meister is the first non-invasive combination action system on the market, featuring a plug & play installation and a superior experience for organ players. 

Imagined, designed and engineered by Michel and Sander Goossens