Combination action, remastered

Equip your organ with this next-generation combination action in no time: plug & play hardware and easy-to-use software.

Loved by organists, engineered for organ builders, non-invasive by design

Organ Meister is a brand new combination action system that drastically cuts installation time, complexity & costs, while leaving the organ intact. Viable for any organ, a delight for organists.

Non-invasive hardware

The plug & play Organ Meister hardware box containing all electronics wizardry is installed on the organ as an add-on.
How it works

Organist-friendly software

A big screen gives organists a new sense of overview, control and peace of mind. Child's play to learn, boosting your confidence.
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A father & son alliance

Organ Meister was imagined, designed and engineerd from scratch by Michel and Sander Goossens.
Sander Goossens - engineer
With a background in computer sciences and a passion for product development & innovation, Sander developed Organ Meister in a close relationship with his father Michel. Sander is also the owner of Organ Meister.
Michel Goossens - professional organ player
After a career in electronics, Michel became a professional organist 30 years ago. He founded Orgelkring Druivenstreek, a non-profit that unites organ enthousiasts and maintains organs in the region.

Meet the team!

Organ Meister was developed 100% in-house by a multidisciplinary team of engineers and experts, striving for perfection and value creation.
Sander Goossens
Founder & owner
Michel Goossens
Organist & technical expertise
Dirk De Hertog, PhD
Software Engineering
Steven Vangeel
software engineering
Jelle De Meyer
electrical engineering
Klaas Bellemans
Engineering & design

Join the team!

Are you passionate about organs, well networked in the industry, have technical affinity and a want to be part of industry-leading innovation?

We are currently looking for somoene to help expand us across Europe: create awareness, talk to organ builders and organists and find out what is important to them. Are you the person we are looking for?
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Organ Meister finds its origin in a restoration project when being confronted with two shortcomings of traditional systems:
Existing systems require invasive work
Modifications to the console and/or the existing electrical arrangement are required to retrofit an organ with an organ control system.
Existing systems offer limited user experience
The organist has little overview and flexibility while programming and playing registrations. Visual feedback and clear overview is limited.
What if...
... we could design and build a simple and flexible system that is non-invasive by design and offers superior usability for organ players?

Minimal change, maximal gains

Organ Meister was developed with two clear goals in mind: offer a non-invasive solution that can be added to any organ or existing organ control system, while providing a quantum leap in ease of use for organ players.
A non-invasive design
Can be installed in no time on any organ without modifying the console. And: it's compatible with most existing organ control systems.
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Loved by organists
We started with a clean sheet and listened carefully to the concerns, needs and wishes of organ players.
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A refreshing new system with unmatched overview and clarity for the organ player. What you see is what you get!
Joris Verdin
Organist, musicologist, teacher
A super clear and user-friendly system for both organist and organ builder! Easy to install, reliable in operation.
Johan Zoutendijk
Director Verschueren Orgelbouw
The 21st century setzer system! Finally, a combination action system that is easy to use and is easily implemented.
Bart Wuilmus
Organist, klavecinist
One small step for the organ, one giant leap for the organist! Unprecedented possibilities for organ player and builder!
Kristiaan Seynhave
International concert organist

Organ Meister Hardware Box

The heart of the system. Crafted in solid oak, containing all connections to the organ and the touch screen. It's plug & play: installation requires no special tools and is done in a jiffy.


Electrical compatiblity
The hardware box deals with any electrical parameter at the organ. Stop worrying about polarity or voltages.
Non-invasive by design
Leaves the console and existing electrical arrangement untouched: Organ Meister is installed as add-on.
Built to last
State-of-the-art components, futureproof connectors and a robust design guarantee a timeless operation.
Minimalistic design
We started from scratch, eliminating all complexity for the organ bulder. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!
Scalable & extendable
Tailored to the size of the organ, no matter the size. Adding stops, buttons or toe studs later on is done in minutes.
Safety & conformity
Top-notch electrical safety. The system is tested in accordance with the harmonized EC standards.
Consult all specifications in the datasheet
Organ Meister hardware boxes: 24, 48, 72, 96 terminals
icon: scalable, extendable

No organ too big
No organ too small

Virtually unlimited # of stops
The hardware box features 23, 46, 69 or 92 terminals for stops, couplers, physical buttons & toe studs. Can be combined at will.

The Organist's Wingman

Make and play your registrations with a new sense of overview, control and piece of mind.
Multiple users
Unlimited possibilities
Easy to learn
big buttons, big screens
Securely stored
Clear overview

Introducing a new logic

Next to traditional combinations (presets), the organist can arrange and assemble pieces and concerts. Separatly stored, shareable with others. Never lose your work again!
Contains a selection of stops
Contains a selection of presets
Contains a selection of pieces

Work from home

In development. Make your registrations from the comfort of your couch at home
Works in any browser
Go to in your favorite browser and log on.
As if you were sitting at the organ
No more stress caused by limited available time at the organ. Not to mention winter temperatures.

Touch screen or tablet-pc

A large, organist-friendly screen contributes to an unprecedented overview and ease of use for the organist. Pick a suitable screen size and orientation (vertical or horizontal) that matches your needs.
Permanent touch screen
Neatly blended with the console or mounted on a retractable monitor arm for enhanced flexibilty.
Take the device with you or store it securely in the church when you 're done. Popular with smaller organs.
Experience Organ Meister in an online or offline demonstration.

Organ Meister on your organ in one week

Assessment & preparation
Based on the stop list and a few environmental parameters, the Organ Meister hardware is prepared and the software is preconfigured. This is done in advance, at our office.
Shipment of the hardware
Organ Meister is securely shipped to the desired location. Meanwhile, the necessary preperations can be done: provide parallel wiring from each stop and – if applicable – a monitor arm for the touch screen.
Plug & play installation on site
Follow the 5-step installation manual to install the Organ Meister hardware box and the touch screen. Et voila, all set! Watch the Organ Meister introduction video and start playing.
Let's assess your situation

4 steps. That's it.


Provide & connect parallel wiring

Provide and connect a parallel wire from each stop circuit to the supplied connectors.

Connect USB data cable

Provides data communication between the hardware box and the touch screen

Connect organ power supply

Connect the organ power supply by means of the shielded banana connectors

Install touch screen or tablet

Detached / free on the console or blended with the console

Installation video

We've got your back

We aspire to make your life as an organ builder as easy as possible. We'll help you every step of the way.
Let's talk about your needs
Remote assistance
In case of an issue, a specialist will provide over-the-air analysis and assistance as if he were on-site.
Software updates
Periodic software updates make sure you always have the latest version with new features.
Become a partner
Are you a trusted organ builder with a focus on innovation and quality? We 're expanding across Europe and beyond!
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Contact us

We 'd love to hear from you! Give us a call or send us an e-mail with all your questions. Or let's meet up for an online or live demo at the organ.
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Your questions answered

How is Organ Meister different?

Organ Meister is installed parallel to the existing electrical arrangements. As a result, the organ console and existing electrical arrangements remain untouched, which yields into a very fast project turnaround.

Secondly, the software-minded approach enables a smartphone-like experience for organ players with unprecedented possibilities and flexibility.

Can I control the system by means of traditional buttons or toe studs?

Absolutely. In that regard, Organ Meister can do anything a traditional combination action system can do. Any number of buttons or toe studs can be added and configured at will: next / previous combination, a predefined combination, storing engaged stops,... Or let us know which function you would like to have and we 'll provide it just for you!

What are the requirements?

The only requirement is that the stops can be controled by means of an electrical signal. Instruments with an electrical stop action in place can be equiped with Organ Meister in a few hours time. Additionally, Organ Meister can be installed on instruments with mechanical or pneumatic stop action with ease (see next item in the FAQ).

Other than that, there are no requirements – the clever design of the Organ Meister hardware box deals with any voltage, polarity or other electrical condition. All non-electrical parameters are preconfigured in the software.

Is the system applicable for organs with pneumatic or mechanical stop action systems?

Yes! In fact, Organ Meister finds it origin in the need for a combination action system for an organ with pneumatical stop action. Simple solenoids are added near the wind chest or at a centralized location while leaving the existing mechanical or pneumatic stop action system unchanged. Contact us to assess your situation in detail.

How about instruments with a historically sensitive background?

Whereas traditional systems would be almost always a no-go zone (structural and optical modifications would be required) for historic pipe organs, Organ Meister can - depending on the situation - offer a viable alternative and open up new possibilities since no optical or structural modifications to the console or organ have to be made.

That being said, historic pipe organs should always be considered with the utmost scrutiny. An important intent of Organ Meister is to contribute to the safeguarding of heritage above everything else - not harm it. We invite you to contact us to make an in-depth analysis to check practical and ethical viability in collaboration with the parties involved.

Is Organ Meister compatible with other systems?

Yes! The add-on concept of Organ Meister ensures compatibility with any (other combination action) system that's based on electrical stop action. In that scenario, Organ Meister is installed parallel to the existing system and acts as an extra shell around it. The organist can decide to use Organ Meister or the original system at will.

What happens when there is a defect? Will the organ still function?

In the unlikely event of a malfunction of Organ Meister, the organ will always keep on working as before, since the original stop action system was kept in place.

The add-on concept of Organ Meister is particularly interesting in case of a lightning strike: the hardware box is replaced in under a minute.

How much does it cost?

Since Organ Meister does not require invasive modifications to the console or the existing electrical arrangement of the organ, the time and means needed to install the system are reduced significantly.

Due to this unprecedented simplicity of installation, Organ Meister is very accessible on both a practical level and an investment level. Pricing is consequently dependant on the size of the organ and selected software features.

Other than that, we aim to make Organ Meister affordable even for smaller organs where a combination action system was out of the question before. Send us a message to get an accurate quotation for your situation.

What's the typical timeline?

The installation timeline can be as short as a few days from idea to realization. Based on the stop list you provide, we build and preconfigure the Organ Meister hardware box and software, and ship it to you.

The installation process is a simple 5-step process. The only "real" work that's needed is providing parallel wiring on the stop circuits. Other than that, the Organ Meister hardware box and touch screen PC are installed in the blink of an eye.

How can I get a live demo?

Depending on your geographical location, we can schedule a live demo at an organ. If for practical reasons that's impossible, we can schedule an online demo. We'll configure the software to mimic your organ so you can get a feel of the final product for your organ

Can I install Organ Meister myself?

While the installation is fairly straight forward, we highly recommend involving the organ builder in order to achieve the best possible symbiosis of Organ Meister with your organ. Send us a message and we'll put you in contact with one of our partners.
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