why & how organ meister was born

About Us

Organ Meister finds it origin in 2009. I, Sander Goossens, was challenged by my father to solve a problem: develop a setzer / combination action system that is non-invasive, does not mess around with the integrity of the organ and is more price-efficient than existing solutions on the market.

Our vision

We believe that through smart innovations, complex matters can be simplified according to the concept of the First Principles.

The time has come that the traditional pipe organ – still the mother of all instruments – may finally benefit from modern technology. Without comprimizing the authenticity or traditional character of the instrument.

Our mission

Organ Meister revolutionizes the traditional pipe organ using modern technology without fiddling around with the integrity of this beautiful instrument.

We want organists, organ builders and project developers to have easy and affordable access to a non-invasive, high-end, user-friendly combination action (Setzer) system.

The full story behind Organ Meister

When 21st century technology meets pipe organs

This is a story of a father and a son working together on an ambitious project and challenging the status quo. Together we covered the technical and user side and created something that was about to become a disruptive solution for the organ industry.

Organ Meister finds it origin in 2009. I, Sander Goossens, was challenged by my father (Michel Goossens, see picture) to solve a fundamental problem for a restoration of a traditional pipe organ. The requirement specification stated that the “new” organ should have a combination action (Setzer) system. At the same time however, the integrity of the organ was not to be touched and no changes were to be made to the structure and character of the organ.

As all traditional systems on the market were invasive and required changes to the structure of the organ, they were dismissed by the client. 

Being a computer scientist, I believed the organ combination action was ready for a make-over. I took a step back and started designing with from the ground up with two main things in mind: installation should be super easy / leaves the organ intact and it should be super easy and flexible to use as an organ player.

Spring 2010. The first prototype was born and the proof of concept was there: yes, it’s definitly possible to design & build a system that leaves the organ intact, using nothing but off-the-shelf hardware in a cost-effective and flexible manner.

July 2011. Organ Meister V1.0 is ready for its maiden voyage. Me and my dad took the hardware and software to the organ and “installed” and configured it for the first time on an organ… in less than one hour. It took less effort than I expected.

Succes! Everything worked well and exceeded our own expectations. 

Personally, I’ll never forget this moment of celebration with my dad. After hours, days, months and years of hard work, failing, trying again, failing again, trying harder,… it was finally there.

Fast forward to 2019. Organ Meister goes public. After all the positive feedback, I finally decided to make this solution available to all people with a passion for organs.