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We are looking for Product Specialists / Brand Ambassadors to create awareness about Organ Meister and build long term relationships with organ builders

Job Opportunity: Product Specialist & Ambassador

About Organ Meister

Organ Meister is a brand new combination action system that drastically cuts installation time, complexity & costs, while leaving the organ intact. It is the first non-invasive combination action system on the market, featuring a plug & play installation. It offers a superior experience for organ players thanks to an unprecedented flexible software-approach to what the organist needs.

We aspire to bring innovation to the organ industry with respect for tradition & heritage by providing affordable, non-invasive organ control solutions that make life of organ builders and organ players easier and worry-free. We are currently focusing on combination action and starting product development for key action & control.
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What we are looking for

We are looking for one or more Product Specialist & Ambassador in different areas across Europe. You will be acting as an agent and actively build long lasting relationships with organ builders: create awareness about Organ Meister with Organ Builders in your area/country, listen to the needs of the organ builder and help them develop projects with church councils and /or organists. Furthermore:

  • You are located in either Germany, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Spain or Italy , are familiar with local customs and culture and speak the language fluently
  • You are passionate about anything organ-related , you are well networked and respected in the organ community.
  • You have a technical feel and affinity that enables you to fully understand the context of the organ builder. You are familiar with combination action systems (and organ control systems in general) on both a practical and technical level.
  • You have an innovation mindset and have a natural ability to see past the status quo.
  • You have an intrinsic drive to help others and to seek for the best possible outcome in a win-win atmosphere.
  • You have a 6th sense for seeing opportunities and persue them proactively .
  • You are self-employed and dispose of a VAT number.

What we offer

A unique opportunity to be part of a company in pole position to bring unparalleled innovation to the organ industry and bring unprecedented value to organ builders, organists and church councils. You will be a key figure in supporting sustainable growth accross Europe and have a direct voice on future product developments. Furthermore:

  • You 'll be part of a a small and highly motivated team with an innovation mindset and startup mentality. You will work closely together with the founder and will be supported wherever needed.
  • You 'll experience a high level of involvement in the company, the strategy and future product developments.
  • You will have a high degree of autonomy in your work based on mutual trust and understanding.
  • An adequate remuneration in function of developed projects & established relationships with organ builders and the quality thereof. As the company grows, a payroll position can be discussed.

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The team

Organ Meister was developed 100% in-house by a multidisciplinary team of engineers and experts, striving for perfection and value creation.
Sander Goossens
Founder & product development
Michel Goossens
Organist & technical expertise
Dirk De Hertog
Software Engineering
Steven Vangeel
software engineering
Jelle De Meyer
electrical engineering
Klaas Bellemans
Engineering & design